Nusa Dua enclave 

Nusa Dua, meaning two islands in Bahasa Indonesia, is part of the Peninsula Hill in southern Bali, a stunning and tranquil spot, in which many world class resorts nestle. Nusa Dua is only a 20 minute drive from the International Airport Ngurah Rai and due to its favourable natural location on a beautiful beachfront is seen as a very secluded, up-market and secure holiday destination. 

The Bali Tourism and Development Corporation (BTDC) execute the management of the Nusa Dua enclave and are responsible for the security operations of the peripheral of Nusa Dua. 76 security officers, 17 tourist police officers, and 110 police officers work together to ensure 24 hours, 7 days a week security of the enclave with specific attention to the 4 entry points to Nusa Dua. The beach, marine and tourist police force stands at 35 and additionally, the village of Nusa Dua situated outside the enclave, with their traditional security system manned by 55 personnel is actively involved in ensuring the security of the area through an informal network, which quickly detects, verifies and communicates movement of people not known to the local community. 

Furthermore, BTDC have implemented from early October 2005 additional access control to the enclave ensuring that there will be only one entry with appropriate verification of every vehicle and person wishing to enter. A separate entrance will be available for suppliers, contractors and employees of the hotels, restaurants and retail shops of the enclave with its specific individual verification system. 

Hotel Security 

The enclave houses several international 5 star properties and a shopping arcade, Bali Collection. Each property its own security personnel and facilities in place, while between the properties security cooperation is also in place to further strengthen the security of Nusa Dua (e.g. Beach security). In total, the above mentioned properties employs just over 500 trained security guards and 13 police officers on a 24 hours and 7 days a week operation who are supported by over 110 CCTV cameras. These figures exclude the personnel and facilities managed by the above mentioned BTDC. All the properties are uniquely located away from any public road with the shortest distance between a hotel lobby and the public road being approximately 110 meters. All vehicle access points are with iron gates and thorough security check is performed for all vehicles including inside and below the vehicles. All suppliers are delivering according to a pre-planned schedule and are only allowed to deliver if vehicles an d delivery personnel are identical to prior communicated schedules by the supplier offices. 

Beach Security 

Each property has a minimum of two security guards on the beachfront 24 hours and 7 days a week supported by CCTV cameras on the beach front. As an additional feature the 4 properties on the main Nusa Dua beach have gone together and are now ensuring that the external southern and northern access points to this beautiful stretch of white sand are controlled 24 hours with armed guards and a second guard who’s task is to communicate with and search all persons wanting to enter the beach from outside the properties. 


Nusa Dua is and has always been focused on safety and security for its guests and associates and has in-place a very thorough security operation that is constantly being reviewed, tested and enhanced by external security consultants as well as the hotels and BTDC itself. The unique location and environment is a major positive security factor that plays in favour of Nusa Dua, as access is naturally restrictive and is very easily controlled with additional help from the Nusa Dua and Benoa local community. In other words, it is with no surprise that today Nusa Dua enjoys the reputation for being the most secured enclave in Bali situated in a clean and manicured environment of tranquility.

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